This introductory-level guide  from our very own Dot Sulock will help students and instructors interested in learning more about the role of energy policy in preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The guide covers the topics necessary for a fundamental understanding of nuclear power, the nuclear fuel cycle, some international arms agreements, and the threats posed by nuclear weapons. The intent of the study guide is to clarify the unbreakable connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

January 9, 2014 Update: A new version of this book is now available below:

Sulock – Nuclear Power, Nuclear Weapons, and Nuclear Terrorism

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Jul 022013

The old option of vitrification of the excess weapons Pu is looking good again, seriously undermining the rebirth of reprocessing!

More on the abortive SRS  MOX fuel plant.

Fascinating telling of the continuing US/Russia attempt to eliminate excess weapons plutonium and the US Savannah River Site  MOX plant story.

Jun 182013

Dr. Bruce Blair, Dr. Keith Payne, Ambassador Steven Pifer.  Moderated by Michael O’Hanlon

Podcast from the Brookings Institution.  Audio 1:41

For relatively small coastal states such as Pakistan and Israel, the quest for maritime depth has given birth to naval nuclear force structures with the potential to undermine stability in a crisis, argues Iskander Rehman in an article entitled “Shallow Nations, Deep Waters,” originally published in the Diplomat and now available on the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) website.

according to Dr. Barry Watts of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA).  Read about the report on the  Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) website “New CSBA report explores thresholds and motivations for nuclear use.”

His 12-page slide show “Nuclear-Conventional Firebreaks and the Nuclear Taboo”  is available at


Peter Hayes, “Coping with North Korean Nuclear Quagmire – What Options are Available: Remarks at Jeju Forum Panel”, NAPSNet Policy Forum, May 30, 2013,

Read more:
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by Amory Lovins, Founder and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute, and Thomas Dinwoodie, former CEO of SunPower Corp and RMI trustee.  Posted in the Huffington Post.   Feb 9, 2013

Rocky Mountain Institute’s peer-reviewed study Reinventing Fire showed how to run a 2.6-fold-bigger U.S. economy by 2050 with no oil, coal, or nuclear energy, one-third less natural gas, a $5 trillion dollar net savings, 82-86 percent lower carbon emissions, and no new inventions, with the transition led by business for growth and profit.

Read the whole argument at

Richard Klass, Col USAF (ret)  2013 Feb 5   Huffington Post

 Consider this: over the next decade nuclear weapons and related programs could cost $640 billion.  ”   Read more at:

This 28 minute video from the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War shows why nuclear weapons must be eliminated.  Good for any class.