Jun 182013


Marine renewable energy sources such as wave and tidal power are poised to become an important part of the U.S. future clean energy mix. Recent Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Georgia Institute of Technology studies have measured the annual technically recoverable energy from U.S. wave and tidal resources at 1,170 terawatt-hours (TWh) and 66 TWh respectively–a significant proportion of the 4,000 TWh of U.S. electricity demand. In practice, the realities of project development likely will result in a much smaller realized resource, but if 10 percent extraction can be reached, this would be equivalent to the output of 37 large fossil fuel plants.


Why Ocean Power?

Posted by Dot Sulock at 10:09 am
Jun 122012

“Wave energy contains roughly 1000 times the kinetic energy of wind, allowing much smaller and less conspicuous devices to produce the same amount of power in a fraction of the space.”

“Wave power production is much smoother and more consistent than wind or solar, resulting in higher overall capacity factors.”

“Even though wave energy is at the very beginning of the manufacturing learning curve, capital costs per net kw are already down in the range of wind energy devices, and below solar. ”

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