Why Ocean Power?

Posted by Dot Sulock at 10:09 am
Jun 122012

“Wave energy contains roughly 1000 times the kinetic energy of wind, allowing much smaller and less conspicuous devices to produce the same amount of power in a fraction of the space.”

“Wave power production is much smoother and more consistent than wind or solar, resulting in higher overall capacity factors.”

“Even though wave energy is at the very beginning of the manufacturing learning curve, capital costs per net kw are already down in the range of wind energy devices, and below solar. ”

Read more at the Ocean Energy Council website “Wave Energy FAQs”  http://www.oceanenergycouncil.com/index.php/Wave-Energy/Wave-Energy.html

“Norway – There is a solution for the world’s insatiable energy needs. It is CO2-free and safe. And it’s located right under our feet.

Ever since Jules Verne wrote in 1864 about a trip to the Earth’s interior, people have dreamed of bringing up heat from the centre of the planet. So far we have only scratched the surface, but researchers are now beginning to work down into the depths.

The fact is that 99 percent of the planet has a temperature above 1000°C. The heat is what’s left over from when the Earth was first formed, and there is more than enough of it for us to transform it into energy.

“If we can drill and recover just a fraction of the geothermal heat that exists, there will be enough to supply the entire planet with energy – energy that is clean and safe,” says Are Lund, senior researcher at SINTEF Materials and Chemistry.”  Read the entire article at


SINTEF is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia.

“The analysis indicates that a network of land-based 2.5-megawatt (MW) turbines restricted to nonforested, ice-free, nonurban areas operating at as little as 20% of their rated capacity could supply >40 times current worldwide consumption of electricity, >5 times total global use of energy in all forms. Resources in the contiguous United States, specifically in the central plain states, could accommodate as much as 16 times total current demand for electricity in the United States.”  Read the entire article “Global potential for wind-generated electricity.”  http://www.pnas.org/content/106/27/10933.full?sid=155cea58-cfc5-47f9-a8af-a45bcacfce71

Notice that world energy is pretty different from world electricity and we always have to pay attention to which is being discussed.  We could infer from this article that electrical energy is something like 1/8 of total energy.